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UzbekAlive is an ikat fabric online store dedicated to promoting of artisanal textile heritage of Uzbekistan. Our focus is on Uzbek ikat fabrics and ikat related products such as ikat cushionsikat quiltsikat pillow coversikat silk scarves and ikat pattern hand painted bowls. Ikat is a term for a fabric, which is hand-dyed using a resist dying method and handwoven on wooden looms using the century’s old traditions of ikat weaving. The ikat weaving traditions have been passing for generations from a master to an apprentice, from a father to a son. Each inch of the fabric is a mix of a humble work interwoven into the ikat pattern and a resulting tactile luxury.

We also feature some eclectic finds such as hand embroidered suzani and hand painted jewelry boxes which are miniature representations of Islamic mosaics and murals in a form of décor items.

Ikat weaving technique emerged in different parts of the world, often independently. India and Indonesia have their own long traditions of ikat fabric making, however, it is ikat fabrics from Uzbekistan which have become a late hit in fashion and interior design industries for their large and bold ikat patterns and for mixing unimaginable ikat colors you would originally think would not work together. Ikat fabrics are often used as a chic ikat upholstery fabric, ikat curtains, ikat pillow covers, ikat throws and ikat quilts. 

The cradle of ikat weaving culture in Central Asia is a small city called Margilan, which is located in Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan. There, for centuries, different ikat patterns and ikat weaving techniques have been developed and refined generation after generation, often in the same family.

The popularity of ikat fabrics gave rise to a more industrialized way of "mocking" ikat fabrics through ikat printing. Ikat is defined as a method of tying and dying weft and warp yarn to create a desired pattern. Ikat print is a printing technique, which is much simpler, less time consuming, less labor intensive and it costs significantly less. It is also not really an ikat! With printed ikats one gets only an ikat pattern, which lacks an ikat soul. Please read our “What is ikat?” blog post where we go into details of discussing ikat weaving versus printing.


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UzbekAlive was created by a small group of enthusiasts as a channel for promotion of work of Uzbek artisans and designers. After several years of contemplating, in 2002 we finally put our efforts together and launched this website. Every great success story starts with a garage and an idea. Ours was not an exception. In years of running UzbekAlive, through trials and errors, we learnt several things, the major one of them being...

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