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Welcome to UzbekAlive, a website dedicated to promotion of artisanal textile heritage of Uzbekistan. Our focus is on Uzbek ikats and ikat related products such as ikat quilts, ikat pillow covers, silk ikat scarves and ikat porcelain bowls. Ikat is a term for a fabric, which is hand-dyed using a resist dying method and woven using the century’s old traditions. The ikat making skills passed for generations from a father to a son. Each inch of the fabric is a mix of a humble work and a resulting tactile luxury. We also feature some eclectic finds such as hand embroidered suzani and hand painted jewelry boxes which is basically taking gorgeous Islamic mosaics and murals and transforming them into a décor item.



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UzbekAlive was created by a small group of enthusiasts as a channel for promotion of work of Uzbek artisans and designers. After several years of contemplating, in 2002 we finally put our efforts together and launched this website. Every great success story starts with a garage and an idea. Ours was not an exception. In years of running UzbekAlive, through trials and errors, we learnt several things, the major one of them being...

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 "Yellow swirl" boudoir ikat pillow cover

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"Eye catcher" ikat pillow cover

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