So often we are asked if our ikat fabrics can be used for upholstering chairs. The answer is “yes but...”. Here is an explanation of “ but” part:

    1. Uzbek ikat fabrics are hand woven artisanal fabrics. The fiber mix of ikat fabrics varies from pure ikat silk to ikat silk/cotton blends and pure ikat cotton. For chair upholstery you will need thick ikat cotton or a blend with significantly less silk than cotton. This type of ikat fabric often feels like linen.

  1. Ikat fabrics are fabrics mainly used in fashion and in interior decoration for ikat curtains, ikat pillows, etc. Ikat weaving process has not been designed to produce a heavy use ikat upholstery fabric. Hence, if you plan to use the fabric for a chair which will be used a lot - you can certainly use it but be prepared to reupholster it on a regular basis.

Here are examples of chairs at Minzifa restaurant in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. The chairs are restored vintage chairs, the upholstery ikat fabric is modern day Uzbek ikat fabrics.  In my opinion - the chairs look awesome! 

Should you have questions on heaviness of a particular ikat material we have online, please do not hesitate to drop a line - we are here to help! 

Uzbek ikat upholstered vintage chair

Upholstered ikat chair Minzifa restaurant Bukhara