With covid-19 pandemic going through the world, a lot of us are going through emotionally turbulent times. However, such turbulent times are not new to the humanity and they will pass too. 

Let’s look at it this way - there are things we can control like washing hands,  wearing masks, practicing social distancing and social isolation, and there are things we don’t control like worrying about the state of the world, economy and what happens next. 

I hope you agree with me that worrying is only a waste of our time and energy. 

This is why, while in a lockdown, I suggest that you turn off your TV, limit your news intake and focus on you, your family and your home. While everyone is panicking and imagining horrible things fueled by media,  please choose to turn off that noise, make a list of things you have been wanting to do but hadn’t had time and work on this list.  I made my list and it is two pages long. 

We are spending more time at home, a lot of us are working remotely while some of us are moving their businesses online. Now is the time to make your home cosy and beautiful. Now you have time to decorate with those beautiful Ikat pillows and to sew those beautiful curtains you have been dreaming of. Could it be a time to reupholster those chairs with Ikat fabric?

Post offices and mail delivery services are working, so, let’s get to work. 

What we at UzbekAlive can offer to you:

- For crafty ones who can sew and design:  30 % off all fabrics

- For those who need to spice up their  home interiors with pillow covers and other home decor:  30 % off all pillow covers

Code at a checkout: DECORATE_IN_LOCKDOWN

We will have the promotion running through end of April 2020 for now which may get extended.

Stay safe. 

Stay home. 

Wash your hands. 

We will get through this. 

Decorate in lockdown with ikat materials, sales promotion