Ikat table runner in red blue and unbleached cotton

Table decorating is a form of art which can take a dinner setting from a blend to exquisite and it can be tiny details that  make a difference.


Today we would like to talk about one item, which can add an immense feeling of festivity  to your dining table –a cotton ikat table runner


1)   The ikat table runner is made of a pure 100% cotton ikat material. The beige in the ikat table runner is a natural unbleached cotton. The natural fibers of this cotton ikat material make this table runner soft and energetically very pleasant.

2)   Red and blue colors of this cotton ikat runner are classic holiday colors, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or 4th of July , especially 4th of July which is just around the corner.

3)   It is cool when things have history. We are all suckers for legends, myths and conspiracy theories. This ikat table runner comes from a land of flying magic carpets, caravans connecting China with Roman Empire  and a millennia of textile traditions. This is a type of ikat table décor which speaks volumes of culture, civilization and artisanal traditions. What is a better start for a beautiful dinner conversation?

4)   Lastly, it is hand washable in cold water with a mild detergent.


With this, we wish you a strong immunity and having no fear in face of adversities happening in the world with this COVID-19 situation.  Wash your hands, practice social distancing, get sunlight and fresh air, organize your life and prepare for roaring twenties!

Roaring twenties women dancing

Photo credit:  https://www.showclix.com/