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I received my scarves today and they are beautiful. Really wonderful colors and great designs. I will be back soon to buy more as presents for friends.

My best wishes to you, and happy new year.

DK, Washington, DC 

Wow! What a treat to order a beautiful woven piece of art through modern technology and not travel and the excitement of receiving the precious little package wrapped as a gift. I'm ready to put this scarf to work and figure out which one I want next. Thank you. I can't stop looking at it.
Lynn Thrasher

Nilufar, I have received both packages!!  thanks so much for the very careful packing and shipping-- and of course, the contents were breathtaking-
-finally a GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL barrette that fits my hair.
-breathtaking slippers!!  really breathtaking!!
-a scarf that is the perfect weight and length and colors and pattern
- and my fabric for my upholstery job.  The green was sewn together so beautifully by your tailor, thank you so so so much.  I will send a picture of the couch when it is done.

I am so so happy with my purchases Nilufar, and you are a pleasure to work with!
Robin from New York, NY 

I am so pleased by the beautiful pillows and scarves that arrived today.Your skill is unmatched by other sources.The colors are vivid;the designs are crisp. Altogether a good experience for me. I am anticipating the new designs for shoulder bags. Sincerely,Anna Gebelein
Anna Gebelein from Wilmington, DE 

The two Ikat pillow cases arrived today, they are truly lovely, and the color is perfect.  Colors do not always photograph well, but these colors are exactly what I hoped for.  The fabric is  soft and silky and the workmanship is excellent.  I will continue to check your web site for other products.

Lynn G, San Diego, CA 

I received the ikat plaid and the ikat pillow shortly before Christmas. They are lovely. It´s been a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate your flexibility to produce a custom made item and the correspondence about it, including sending pictures before shipping. I will definitely buy from your shop again. 
Maria from Madrid, Spain. 

Just wanted to let you know that I received the fabric and it looks amazing. The pattern is beautiful and the craftsmanship exceeded my expectations! Please say big thank you to the people who created such a beautiful piece. 
Happy Holidays!
Tatiana from Reading, PA 

The parcel just arrived and the fabric is gorgeous! Just what I hoped it would be...once it is made up into lampshades I will send you a photo so you can use it for your marketing. Please let the designers / producers know they have one more very happy customer!
Many thanks Rosalind
Rosalind from London, UK 

I received the pillows....I love them. THey look great in my new apartment!!! They look so great, my mom wants the pillows for her couch. So I may be placing another order soon. 
Carrie C. from Chicago, IL 

We received our pillow covers yesterday, such great colors and patterns !!! We love it !
Paola & Mark
Paola & Mark / NY, NY, USA 

Hi Nilufar, 
Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with my scarves and cushion covers. I have been searching for some really high quality prieces for a while and heaving scoured the shops here in the UK could not find anything which stood out in my mind. Then I stumbled upon your website,  though I have no idea how I found you! I took a chance due to your other customers glowing reports even though Uzbekistan does sound a long way away from the UK. Hey presto a couple of weeks later your lovingly packaged goods arrived and I am blown away by the quality and workmanship, so much better in real life - the pictures on the website really don't do them justice. When we have companies like you in the world, why on earth are we supporting big businesses and mega factories in china spewing out the same tat which we will probably chuck out in a couple of years?? So a big thankyou Nilufar - keep UZbek Alive!! Also have my wedding coming up in a couple of months time so I may need to raid you again for scarves for presents for my mum and mother in law to be. Much love, Mia
Mia from London, UK 

I have purchased a few hand-painted jewelry boxes from Uzbek Alive, and each is an exquisite jewel, a true work of art! My latest arrived today and is beautiful beyond words! I love and treasure it!  Thank you so much!!!!
Rochelle Lazarus Saxena 

I received the package and the scarves are lovely.  I so much want to help keep the textile traditions alive.  Please encourage the textile traditions - not just for Western and tourist consumption but for the elevated skills and art that they are.  You have a wonderful textile tradition.   Thank you for your efforts! 
Claudia R.  Washington, DC

I received the pillow case today. I am very pleased with it. Just beautiful and feels so soft. It is made very well. Looking at the pillow after getting it ,and know the time put into making it is wonderful. This pillow case is gorgeous ,and coordinates with my other pillows in a beautiful way !  Thank you all so much ,and will be ordering other things for sure.  The postmaster said she had never heard of the place it came from. If you don't mind will you please let me know.

Answer: it was made in Uzbekistan

The Milams from Mabscott, WV 

Hello Nilufar--Thank you so much for my quilt.  It's really beautiful and I greatly appreciate the work you put into it.  Please forgive me for not writing sooner.  Best regards, Jane
Jane R. 

Cela fait très longtemps que je cherchais à acquérir des ikats et oh merveille! j'ai trouvé votre site. C'est un vrai bonheur pour moi de pouvoir enfin posséder ces merveilleux tissus et je vous remercie de faire partager le savoir-faire de vos artisans. Etant donné qu'il y a beaucoup de modèles qui me plaisent, j'ai passé une nouvelle commande. Merci
Corinne C. from France 

I received my two scarves last week. I had read the reviews and still was delighted at the excellent workmanship and the beauty of this fabric. As a handweaver and dyer, I understand the amount of work that goes into making these scarves and have extreme admiration for those who spend their time creating such beautiful fabric pieces. I am placing another order today. Thank you so much!

Dear Nilufar

The package has arrived in Mt Macedon - it was here when we returned from North-west China a couple of days ago. I am very pleased with the fabric - the colour is most beautiful and the moire pattern in the weaving is also stunning.  I shall most certainly be ordering more!  The colours are perfect with my antique carpets - old Central Asian and Afghan carpets and rugs.

Congratulations on producing such wonderful textiles.

Sue E. from Melbourne, Australia 

The scarves are lovely. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Aileen from Oakland, CA 

Dear Nilufar,
I've been very busy lately, so I couldn't write when it first arrived, but I wanted to take the time to thank you for the lovely "green comb" scarf. I have become a huge fan of Uzbek ikat thanks to your site, gave the first one as a gift to my mother, who loved it, have recommended the site to a textile-loving friend, and am planning to order lots more from you when I get back to the UK in October! By the way, I'm curious as to what the original Uzbek name for ikat is - I thought ikat was an Indonesian word? And lucky for us, it's a huge fashion trend at the moment!
best wishes,

[Nilufar's response to a question part:] Uzbek word for ikat is abr (originally Persian word meaning “a cloud“). However, an Indonesian term ikat is also widely used these days.


I was envious of the pillows in all the interior decorating magazines, and was disappointed to see that they were available through designers only. Imagine my joy when I found your website! I am sewing my own pillows out of the fabrics I received from you. I just finished new pillows for the bedroom and now will start on the living room. P.S. Also, your packaging is very "old world", please do not change it! I felt connected to a place in a different world when opening your package.

Irene Lowe

The package arrived today (4/12/08) -- I did have to sign for it but luckily I was home.  The scarf is beautiful and looks exactly like the photo on your website.  Thanks very much!

Martha Coven, Washington, DC 

Hello Nilufar:

I received my scarf last Thursday and cannot begin to tell you how much
I love it! It is beautiful and I've already gotten several compliments
on it as well. I will definitely let my friends know about your site
and will be sure to order more from you in the future.

Thank you very much for a great shopping experience.

Best regards,

Jennifer Zinn, New York, NY 

Your scarf came into my home and brigtened up the atmosphere in the Uzbek way. The festive color and warm mood.
Emiko K. Noor

Dear Nilifar, I wonder if there is anything on this site that can't capture the heart! Koshib Omonov's wonderful pins and barrettes are truly unique. When I purchased the first barrette, I had decided it would be a gift for a friend, but the triple hold mechanism - so easy to use - made it possible for the clasp to hold my hair at its thickest, or a whisp pulled back to the side. And the design! So delicate, intricate, magical - I can't say enough! The pins are a perfect match to the beauty of the barrettes, which is saying a great deal! A special note - Mr. Omonov even signed his work in tiny bronze lettering on the back - making the pieces even more personal! Thank you and your talented friends so very much! Uzbek art deserves to be known to the world, and you're making that possible! These are heirloom pieces, destined to be passed down through the generations.
Mary E Overman, Durham NC

My dining chairs were reupholstered using your Uzbek ikat fabric on the inside and outside backs. I'm very pleased with the results.
Lynn Lasswell /Phila, PA 

Dear Nilufar,
The scarves arrived and they are a knockout. My wife was particularly pleased with the replacement scarf.

All the best,

Sebastian from Zagreb, Croatia 

I don't know what I had expected - an ordinary scarf printed on silk? For the price and size it certainly would have been reasonable. But what I touched when I opened the folded paper was a spiritual experience which connected with ages of tradition - I could feel the weaver's hand in the intricate pattern of the ikat scarf. There are no words to describe the art until you fingers have run across the cloth, and you've watched the light play with the colors like a woven rainbow. The artist is truly one of a kind. -- Thank you a thousand times!
Mary E Overman

Thank you very much for the quick service. I really enjoy the pin I purchased online.
Tian from New York City 

Today I received my three barrettes and a pair of ornate slippers. Thank you very much for the fast service, and also for offering such lovely items on your website. The barrettes are beautiful and I love the slippers and they also fit me well, so I will be looking for more of the same on your site in the future.
Jasmine Chandra from Sinking Spring, PA 

We are visiting in Uzbekistan now, and found this artisan workshop. The details in the designs are wonderful, we bought two pins and a barette. We met Mr. Koshib Nozimovich Omonov, the artist who showed us many of his works...amazing!!! We are delighted to suggest these works of art to anyone!!
Shirley Simmons

I love my scarf!! Color is really vivid and elegant as well. It matches perfectly with dress and it would go well with my other sweaters! Delivery was so quick and Nilufar was so kind and knowledgable to answer all of my questions.
Sarah Chang  

The order has arrived today, everything is OK, the pieces are great, much better than we thought, really great pieces, praise to the artist.
Marcio C. from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Everyone who received one of the silk scarves I bought from you for Christmas was delighted.   Four of them I was unable to part with and wear myself.  They really are lovely.
Joanne Young from Seattle, WA 

The ikat scarves I ordered last time were lovely and the "Blue Dome Inspiration" jewelry box (J801) is truly outstanding.

The quality of your items and of your Web site as well as your service make UzbekAlive a most enjoyable and informative place to visit and use.

Craig L. from Irvine, CA 

Thanks for the beautiful jacket and scarves!  I am so glad to have a source here for that beautiful silk!  I didn't buy enough of it when I was in Uzbekistan in 2000, and now I know were to find it. Thanks!      

Janet Morgan from Brooklyn, NY 

I bought the boxes for gifts for my bridesmaids.  They loved them.  Each one
was unique and beautiful.  I recommend the boxes to anyone who is looking
for a one of a kind type of gift.

Jennifer V. from Philadelphia, PA 

My order of four barrettes arrived today! They are all even more beautiful than they appear online! I am sure that I will be ordering more items from you in the future. I have friends and family who would love your things, so I am glad that I have found a good place from which to order gifts.
V.C. from Baltimore, MD 

I received my barrette today. It is beautiful! Thank you for your prompt delivery and the wonderful workmanship. I will wear it with pride.
Loretta from Minnesota 

The boxes arrived today and they are even more beautiful "in hand" than "on the web." I'm thrilled. And expect to be ordering more.
Gloria from Valley Streem, NY 

The decorative boxes made great gifts. They're well made, with unbelievably intricate hand painting. I purchased some of the smaller ones, which were well suited for purely decorative purposes, or for storing small items such as rings and earrings.
Rob from Wilmington, DE 

The box and pins that I purchased made wonderful gifts for my sisters who have everything. The workmanship was designer quality at reasonable prices. Also, they loved having something handmade from another part of the world. Of course I love mine too for the same reasons. Thanks for bringing these unique items to our attention.
Colleen from Wilmington, DE 

Lovely, colourful and intricate accessories & handicrafts from Uzbekistan...I really enjoyed the barettes that I got from this website.
Tasneem from Newark, DE 

I love the jewelry boxes. The hand painted design is very detailed and absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for introducing your accessories to me. I now give out the boxes as presents to my friends and they all love them. It's good to have it next to my bed so at night, I can remove my jewelries and can find them in the AM easily.
Shiela from Hoboken, NJ 

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