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Ikat + Handknitting

Ikat + Handknitting

This is a subcategory of products for colder territories or for colder seasons. For these products we combined luxurious handwoven ikat fabrics with knitting to cater to customers who need warmer interior design accessories around their home.

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  1. Saffron and green knitted pillow cover

    Saffron + Christmas Green knitted pillow cover

    This pillow cover is a great cover for cooler times of the year to add a touch of warmth and coziness. We paired hand-woven ikat fabric with a hand-knit textile and adorned the hem with a hand-made trim. The pillow cover closes with a zipper on a side.
  2. Khan atlas ikat + knitted pillow cover

    "Khan atlas + knitting" boudoir ikat pillow cover

    This is a boudoir size ikat pillow cover. We used vintage Khan atlas (Silk of Kings) fabric for one side and a acrylic hand knit piece for the other side. The items is being sold "as is" because the inside hems of the fabric were not processed as cleanly as we would like them to be - we tried to new tailor and here she decided to mess up things a bit. hence, the product is being sold "as is". For the outside world the pillow cover is a perfect. All sales of "as is" products are final.
  3. Ikat on one side and hand knit on the other side throw pillow cover

    "Sun energy" ikat / handknit pillow cover

    We will be launching a small collection of pillow covers designed older parts of the world where Sun does not shine so brightly as in the land where ikats are made - Uzbekistan. For this pillow cover we combined bright and summery ikat fabric for one side and paired it with a warm hand knit acrylic knitting on the back. This would be a perfect pillow cover for those days when you want to cuddle up at home with a book and a cup of tea. Soul nourishment! The fabric has a moire effect. As 99.9% of ikats on this website it is hand-dyed and hand-woven.
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