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Ikat bowls and vintage Soviet porcelain

Ikat bowls and vintage Soviet porcelain

Vintage porcelain bowls with ikat design and other vintage porcelain.
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  1. Orange ikat bowl

    Orange ikat bowl

    Orange ikat porcelain bowls are the Soviet porcelain classics which have become a global trend in the last decade. These bowls were used in the past, each to a different extent. They are still in a good condition. We picked bowls with neither chips nor cracks. There is a golden rim around the edge of each bowl which qualifies them as "hand wash" and "no microwave". The price is for each bowl.
  2. Red teapot from Uzbekistan 500 ml

    "Golden paisley" porcelain teapot

    This is one of our latest finds in a flee market hunt. The teapot is of 500ml volume and is vintage dating back to the Soviet days. The teapot is in excellent condition though it has been slightly used. The golden part of the teapot qualifies it as "hand wash" and "no microwave". We have only one available.
  3. Red vintage ikat porcelain bowl USSR

    Red ikat vintage porcelain bowls

    These vintage ikat porcelain bowls were made at Tashkent Porcelain Factory which no longer exists before or around the collapse of the USSR (1991). We found these bowls at a flee market. They are like new, probably never been used. They have no cracks and no chips.
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