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Embroidered suzani

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  1. Village style embroidered textile (wallhanging)

    Village style hand embroidered suzani (Urgut)

    This is a very simple and a very traditional wallhanging suzani you will find in a typical Uzbek home. Textiles like this are commonly used as decorative items.
  2. "Anor" hand embroidered suzani

    "Anor" hand embroidered vintaged suzani

    Vintaged emboidered suzani from Nurata village of Uzbekistan which is famous for its suzani embroidered textiles. This beautiful suzani depicts ripe pomegranates hand embroidered on an aged cotton base. The suzani is new. A bit of history: Traditionally, Uzbek suzanis have been embroidered by girls for their dowry. The colors, the patterns, the quality of work could say a lot about a new bride, her spirit and her character. To these days the suzanies are made of a handloom-woven fabric, which comes narrow. Depending on the size of the suzani, several pieces of the fabric are put together, the whole pattern is drawn on the suzani, then pieces are detached for embroidery (it is easier to work with a smaller piece of fabric), and then again attached when all pieces are embroidered and ready to make one big work of art. These days, since girls are studying and working and have no time for such intricate time-consuming preparation for their wedding, the artisans took over the suzani making and successfully made it a global trend in interior decoration. This particular suzani comes from Nurata village of Uzbekistan – a place known for a saint who passed through it, so, the village itself is a holy place.
  3. Vintage grayed jade embroidered suzani

    Vintage grayed jade embroidered suzani

    Richly embroidered suzani textile made of a grayed jade silk base fabric and machine embroidered with silk threads. This is an excellent textile embroidery to add an eclectic touch to your bedroom as a bedspread or to use a room divider. The suzani dates back to the Soviet days. The silk base has a stamp on the back of Silk Factory of Margilan. Since the base of the suzani is silk, the whole textile shimmers with different hues of a jade color depending on the angle of view. The suzani is truly magnificent in its design and silk thread embroidery.
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