We know, it took forever, many have asked, we have finally starting delivering - velvet ikats! 

A bit of Velvet  Ikat history. In 19th century - early 20th century ikat velvet (also known as ala-bakhmal) was a fabric that could be afforded only by the royalty or the rich families. With the Soviet army's arrival and Uzbekistan becoming a part of the former USSR in 1924, the rich who could afford such luxurious clothing were exiled and the whole nation was "standartized" to wear clothes made of simpler fabrics. Since there was no need for such fabrics the technology of making ala-bakhmal was lost until mid 1990ies when it was revived in Margilan, Uzbekistan.

This is the first two pillow covers that we have added to our Ikat Pillows collection. "Pomegranate Sun" and "Peace and Love" are made of silk ikat velvet fabrics and measure square 41cm (16") closing with an invisible zipper on a side.

Happy New Chinese New Year! May the Year of a Fire Rooster be a year of Peace, Justice, Health and Harmony!


Luxurious artisanal velvet ikat pillows