Satin silk ikat fabric in black and white from Uzbekistan

This kind of ikat fabric is becoming a rare find these days. You would ask "why"?  Ikat fabrics have been in trend, their production is growing and we see them everywhere from fashion runways to interior decoration magazines. Well, because these ikat fabrics have a history and everything with a history is already faschinating, enchanting, valuable...

So what's so special about this Black and White ikat fabric? It was made before 1991 when the former USSR collapsed and with it collapsed the command economy.  The production of this silk ikat fabric was considered "needed for the people" by then Soviet State, included in production plans and manufactured according to Soviet State textile standards. 

The Soviet government did not allow any form of enterpreneurship because the economy needed to be planned and controlled.  The State determined what needed to be produced and everyone worked for that State. If an ikat maker wanted to make ikat fabrics he had to go work for the government and be paid a salary because having his own business was not an option. This is what this fabric is about.

  • - Soviet.
  • - Planned based on Soviet analytics of supply and demand.
  • - 100% silk.
  • - Hand dyed but machine woven on a Soviet industrial loom.
  • - New, never used.
  • - Today it is considered vintage
  • - ... and we only have 1.95 meters in stock