About a year ago in our travels in Sicily we came across a coffee shop “ Ideal Caffe” in the historic part of Palermo.  We stopped by to buy some coffee where we saw coffee bags made of burlap. We weren’t quite sure at that point what we wanted to do with the coffee bean bags but we knew we wanted one.  The seller, a very kind gentleman, gave us two large bags for free – grazie mille!

Ideal Caffe Stagnitta Palermo Sicily   Ideal Caffe Stagnitta Palermo Sicily
"Ideal Caffe Stagnitta" , a coffee shop in the historic zone of Palermo , where we received our first two coffee bean bags as a gift


Over the year we  played with a few ideas, used the bags in several styling sessions (you may see them on some photos on the website) and eventually it dawned on us – why not make a ikat+burlap large throw pillow that could be used for sitting on the floor or a cushion to spice up eco-friendly interiors.

We are testing the waters by introducing a few pilot products in our “Ikat+Burlap” collection. Please let us know what you think about them by sending us a message or by leaving a comment in a review field.

Ikat fabric and coffee bean burlap pillow throw collection