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Have you seen Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna’s Sicilian villa? The villa is as colorful and bold as D&G fashion itself. Sicily is omnipresent throughout interior decorations - ceramic tiles, Sicilian pine cones, walls in colorful Italian plaster. For me the wall colors are too wild for a home but then we have to remember - this was a getaway villa for D&G couple who mainly worked from gray industrial MIlan. They probably missed colors of Sicily, its lemons and ceramics!

So as I check one picture after another, studying textiles and furniture what do I see? Did I see that right? Among wooden Italian furniture there is a sofa upholstered in Uzbek suzani! Madonna Santa! Uzbek suzani in Dolce and Gabanna’s villa in Stromboli? For those of you still struggling and doubting whether you should be bold and use Uzbek suzani, go for it! Be brave! Be different! The villa is for sale here. You can buy the villa which comes with that sofa upholstered in Uzbek suzani or you can buy Uzbek suzani here and upholster your furniture. Good luck with whatever path you chose to embark on!

Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian villa, Uzbek suzani upholstered sofa

Image credit: Gionale di Sicilia

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Suzani, beautiful hand embroidered suzani which in our case we are using as a smashing table runner!

Here is one of them fully hand emboidered in Uzbekistan which we suggest to use as a festive table runner. Perfect for holidays! This could be the the main decor item which will add that festive touch to your dining room! We have only one in stock, so, hurry and get started with your early Christmas shopping! 

Close up shot of the Uzbek suzani table runner. Please click on the image to be taken to product details.

Red floral hand embroidered suzani tablerunner Uzbekistan

This will make an excellent tablerunner for smaller tables. Most importantly, everything else can be kept simple. Just have one very festive piece of tabledecor and you are all set! 

Red floral hand embroidered suzani table setting Uzbekistan

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Washable suzani?

8/3/2014 10:56 AM

I just added a new machine embroidered suzani on a grayed jade green silk fabric on the website which took me down a memory line…

A few years ago I had a customer who was looking for suzanis for a decoration project. We exchanged a few emails but she did not go forward with an order because she found suzanies from another store, which were washable

For those who are new to suzanis,  just a quick definition info: suzani is a textile embroidery which is traditional to Central Asia, primarily to Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and probably Afghanistan.  Back in the old days and even now in remote villages, Uzbek girls were trained to embroider from an early age. By the time they were of a marriable age, they would have embroidered suzanies for their dowry.  Suzanis are used as wall hangings, space dividers and bedspreads.

Going back to a topic of washing, I will say that Uzbeks love color. When it comes to choosing threads for the embroidery, logic and practicality thoughts fly out of the window. The main focus is on choosing threads of beautiful colors!  Quiet often there is a rainbow of threads from different shops, which work beautifully together color-wise but … come from different manufacturers and may or may not be colorfast.

Now knowing what I just told you, imagine you decide to wash a suzani, what will happen? Some threads will bleed, other will not, but the suzani will be ruined forever!

This is why when you hear about washable suzanis, please ask the vendor to wash it in your presence.  Please also drop me a line if you like the “after” product. I personally have never heard of anyone washing suzani though i have come across vendors who claim that their suzanis are washable.

Samarkand suzani

Suzani wall hanging

Uzbek suzani used as a wall hanging

Suzani upholstered bench

Bench upholstered using a suzani textile 


Suzani tablecloth

Beautiful garden setting with a suzani tablecloth

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