Years ago, while roaming in my favorite vintage fabric shops, I bought several meters of black and white polka dot vintage silk fabric. This silk fabric was later turned into a beautiful classic dress.

During the last fitting, I was chatting with a tailor and a subject of caring for silks came up. I remember my tailor’s response to this day and, to be honest, really like it because it makes so much sense and it works.

She said: “hand wash your silks in a cold water with a shampoo, preferably Pantene ProV shampoo, because a silk is like your hair and needs to be taken care of the same way”.

Now if you like any other shampoo, go for it. As for me, Pantene has been my favorite for years and I did not question why Pantene and not something else.


wash silk fabrics with a shampoo, how to care for silk fabric