There is something simple and natural  about the beauty of ceramic. A few weeks ago, at an exhibition,  we met an amazing ceramic master Bakhtoyor Nazirov. The beauty and the quality of his work is so pure and inspiring,  If you happen to be in Rishtan, Uzbekistan, you will immersed in a small world of ceramic, that's what the city is famous for. Make sure you ask for a house of Bakhtiyour Nazirov and enjoy his ceramic works as well as a typical Fergana hospitality where courtesy to guests takes a special place in the culture. 

Here is a quick intro to Uzbekistan ceramic traditions - Rishtan or Gijduvan (near Bukhara, Uzbekistan) – these are two ceramic Meccas of Uzbekistan. The distinction between the two is very easy - Rishtan ceramics are bright blue, as if taking inspiration from the clear sky. Gujdivan ceramics are in yellow, green and golden hues as if inspired by the autumn.


Rishtan ceramics

"Fish" shaped ceramic plates




Rishtan ceramic from Uzbekistan

Handmade ceramic works are usually signed by a ceramic master. 

Rishtam ceramic dishes from Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan

Plates, bowls, tea cups - some sort of a ceramic paradise