Red silk ikat scarf

 Almost Japanese estetics for a silk ikat scarf which is far from Japanese minimalism. This is where cultures mix, mingle and eventually thrive. Here presented folded Kaleidoscope Red Ikat Silk Scarf.

Every little thing we surround ourselves with requires our time and attention. All those clothes in our closets need to worn, dishes in a cupboard need to be used, books on our bookshelves need to be read or else we are just investing money in these items but getting very little, if any, return on our investment.

Oftentimes some of us go as far as buying bigger homes or renting storage to store those extra things BUT WHY? If we are not using things for a long long time, chances are we will not use them ever. When we invest money in things we don’t use we don’t see a direct relationship with the time we spent working for that money. All those long hours translated into outfits which are just hanging in your closet - was it worth it?

This is to say -I am all for minimalism in everything! I started adopting minimalist style a few years ago and find that having a basic wardrobe can be liberating. These days I don’t spend so much time thinking what to wear because my minimalist clothing is very minimal. Once you figure which outfits work with each other, getting dressed in the morning is fast and easy. I can totally relate to late Steve Jobs who is probably one of the most vivid examples of minimalist style - he wore only black turtlenecks and jeans. It was his version of basic wardrobe which was time-freeing and allowed him to focus on important things but.... yes, there is a “but”. Steve Jobs was a guy while I am a girl.

So what exactly did not work for me with my earlier adopted minimalist style? The boredom of having the same or similar look all the time. It felt like I looked a little.... eee... dull, too gray, too beige, boring. That’s until I realized that a way to spice my minimalist clothing up is through accessories - a unique bag, an interesting piece of jewelry or a bright Ikat scarf just to name a few. Mind you - since you are (hopefully!) saving money by switching to minimalist style, now you can and should be buying higher quality accessories. Ikat scarves, especially silk Ikat scarves, have a special place in my basic wardrobe - they are beautiful, they are unique since the entire Ikat making process is manual and they are 100% silk.

Another aspect that makes any handwoven ikat scarf almost enchanting is a rich artisanal heritage associated with Ikat materials’ production. Ikat textiles are the opposite of a fast fashion. They are on the opposite spectrum of consumerism because you can’t buy too much of which is produced so little. Making of a real Ikat scarf takes time, attention and patience. Like a silk warm transforming from a cocoon to a butterfly, like everything worth working for in life, like mastering a skill - good things take time and that holds true to a quality and uniqueness of our Ikat scarves.

Here, at UzbekAlive, we only offer real, genuine ikat scarves and ikat fabrics. To understand the difference between real ikat and ikat print,  article "What is ikat and how is it different from ikat print?" may be helpful.