Everything in nature is shaped a certain way to serve a specific function. The same is true for everything we, humans, create - there is a function we address by creating a product in a certain shape and we try to do it in the most cost effective way.

Let’s take Uzbekistan’s Ikat weaving culture and long silk scarf production which is directly linked to it. Uzbekistan has been an Ikat weaving culture for millennia. Ikat fabric artisans are famous around the world for their spectacular silk Ikat fabrics with bold and colorful Ikat patterns. We don’t know how an idea of making silk scarves was born or who came up with it. Most likely some creative soul just took some fabric and started wearing it as a long silk scarf. Regardless of historical facts behind the making of silk scarves, the artisans responded to a demand - they started making proper long silk scarves.

UzbekAlive’s silk scarves are long and narrow because scarves are a product closely related to ikat fabrics. Ikat fabric is woven on hand looms the width of which is limited to 50-60cm the most, you can read more about the ikat fabrics’ width limitation here. So, when someone came up with an idea of making Ikat silk scarves, it was only logical to take an existing production process for Ikat fabrics and modify it slightly to start making the long silk scarves.

Long silk scarf can be worn as a head scarf, as a neck scarf or a shoulder shawl. It is an absolute “must have” for traveling. Unique properties of silk will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. A long silk scarf folds into a small piece of fabric, takes very little space in your bag and can be the only accessory you need to transform your look from casual to glamorous.